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Normandy Landings
« on: 04 June, 2019, 10:56:22 PM »
Hi All , reading stories in the Mail about the D Day landings takes me back to that time in 1944 and seeing all the troops getting marshaled up along  Varley road with all their equipment with them and being called to attention and then being marched off in the direction of the Docks I suppose to be loaded onto ships to be taken off to the Normandy beaches.  The thing that sticks in my mind at that time  was that they seemed to be very cheer full despite what they were facing.  I realize what a great amount of thanks we owed every one of those very brave men !!! Regards Harry.I. (every time we drive to Shoebury  Ness and see the remains of part of the Mulberry Harbour in the Estuary it brings those memories back)