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New members please
« Reply #30 on: 20 January, 2019, 10:07:01 PM »
No I am not a new member. I was just heartily sick of seeing that spammer on the page.

There are lots of reasons for joining, here are some:

1/ Millions of people around the world have a Newham ancestry.
2/ A great sporting history. Football, Speedway, Boxing, to name just some.
3/ A significant history relevant to both world wars, especiallly the blitz.
4/West Ham was at the forefront of the Labour movement, the first Labour M.P. Kier Hardy.
5/ We are unique, we are East Londoners and we are Essex, a wealth of heritage.

There is I am sure much more, come on have your say. be a part of this rich history.

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Re: New members please
« Reply #31 on: 21 January, 2019, 06:31:14 PM »
John , sadly not the Forum you might remember when you were last on ,there are a few on here old regulars , but it,s difficult inter posting with a few regulars without it turning into a cosy chat, I have got loads of stories from the 60,s in the Docks and away at Sea ,but having been on here since the Old Forum most of you would have heard them , so also as there are very few with similar experiences as myself  all I would be doing would be doing was to be keeping my memories alive by perhaps boring the rest of you  as you could easily go back on the very old posts . Sorry about the doom and gloom as the relaunched Forum promished so much , but not that many oldies have returned, but hey only January who knows  .

All the best Ed