Author Topic: good manners,getting on a train ,anywhere,?  (Read 2482 times)

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good manners,getting on a train ,anywhere,?
« on: 27 August, 2015, 07:59:12 PM »
Hello Every one,

Thanks to the television, of late, there are some very educational films, (ie) documentaries, of  travelling on the railways ,for example. when I used to board a train at custom house many years ago all I had to do was to wait for the train, open the door and step in, finding a seat, where as today many years later, on the latest modern trains, there is a rush to board particularly in the rush hour ,and a premium for seats,

 in India for example, there are some where in the region of 1800 trains running every day and people simply hang onto the doors, virtually hanging out side the doors,  although the train has doors that can close, but cant due to  the volume of people travelling, bulging out of the door ways, regardless of safety, and yet some how the trains run almost to time,

again in japan, there are pushers simply employed, to push people onto  the trains, packing them in,

(which makes me think will this kind of procedure ever happen in England I sincerely hope not, ? ) .if so what ever happened to being patient, and having good manners, rather than shove and push your way onto a train regardless of other people also trying to get on the same train as well, is this an English thing or simply good manners, ?which sadly is in decline,

so my question is, what are your views of the modern world we live in, and the way we have to travel, on the railways,

as usual I look forward to reading your comments,

many regards to you all ,.


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Re: good manners,getting on a train ,anywhere,?
« Reply #1 on: 02 October, 2015, 07:31:45 PM »
Hi Georgian.
I don't think it  is something new. packing people in to trains. I used to travel from Plaistow station. on the district line in the late forties & fifties.

Very rarely was I able to obtain a seat.Although it was usual to stand until you saw someone vacate their would make a dash for it.
If I remember rightly, the packing in mostly started on the circle lines . Then it was a free for all.packed in like sardines.

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Re: good manners,getting on a train ,anywhere,?
« Reply #2 on: 02 October, 2015, 08:40:32 PM »
At the age of 11 in 1958 I started travelling from East Ham to school in Mile End every day and usually the District Line trains were very crowded particularly if they had started at Upminster or Dagenham East. Generally I used to wait for a Metropolitan  (now Hammersmith and City) Line train that started at Barking to ensure that I got a seat. After leaving school I worked for many years in Central London and had to change to the Central Line at Mile End which always seemed to be packed solid. I don't think it was until the mid 1970's when many office staff had flexible working hours that I enjoyed a "comfortable" journey to and from work as I used to try to get in by 8.00am and leave at either 3.30pm or build up credit time by staying to 6.30pm.
I have not commuted regularly into London now for 11years but on the odd occasion that I have travelled by tube it seems that the trains are crowded late into the evening and very often it is "Standing Room Only" at 10.00pm. I have watched TV series about the trains in India and certainly hope we never get to that state of overcrowding in the UK.

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Re: good manners,getting on a train ,anywhere,?
« Reply #3 on: 09 November, 2015, 06:30:56 AM »
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Re: good manners,getting on a train ,anywhere,?
« Reply #4 on: 02 September, 2017, 07:18:39 PM »
Reminds me of the late great Hoffnung's after dinner speeches. Viz. "When entering a railway compartment be sure to shake hands with all your fellow passengers"!!!! Dave T