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George Ernest Winterton (MP)
« on: 10 December, 2014, 01:37:52 PM »
(George) Ernest Winterton (17 May 1873 - 15 May 1942) was a British school teacher, journalist and Labour Party politician.[1][2]

Born in Leicester, he was educated at Charnwood Street Elementary School in the town and at Borough Road College, Isleworth, where he qualified as an elementary school teacher.[1] He first taught in Leicster where he was an active member of the National Union of Teachers. He was also a Baptist and temperance activist and secretary of the Leicestershire and District Temperance Union.[2] He subsequently worked in Manchester, where he was a lay preacher in a Congregational Church.[1] [2] He was later employed in West Ham, where he was the first secretary of the West Ham Teachers Association.[1]

In 1911 he joined the Independent Labour Party, and in 1917 formed a local party Richmond in the south eastern suburbs of London.[1] He subsequently moved to Warlingham, Surrey where he was a preacher at a Wesleyan church and became chairman of the East Surrey Labour Party in 1921.[1] [2] From 1920 to 1929 he worked for the Daily Herald, the daily newspaper supported by the trade union movement.[1] [2]

when he was elected as member of parliament for Loughborough.

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Re: George Ernest Winterton (MP)
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