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"A West Ham Life"
« on: 15 July, 2014, 05:07:54 PM »
Sometime ago I acquired a booklet titled "A West Ham Life". It is an autobiography by a gentleman named William George Perry and was printed in 1984 by the Newham Parents Centre, Barking Road E.13

Mr Perry who was born in 1891 relates his life story as if he was speaking to the reader about his early life in Caistor Park Road, his school days and his memories of a circus in High Street Stratford. It tells of his work and married life and World War 1.  A very interesting account with some nice photo's.

I spoke to a lady at the Parents Centre and she said this booklet was the result of a project that Newham did in 1984 to record residents memories. Apparently they don't do this now which is a shame as I thought there are lots of memories that members of the Forum would be able to relate.

The booklet is listed and can be bought on Amazon.