Author Topic: P.C. Alan Godfrey - Nth Woolwich  (Read 3766 times)

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P.C. Alan Godfrey - Nth Woolwich
« on: 27 September, 2008, 11:36:29 AM »
Does anyone remember P.C. Alan Godfrey who was the local bobby at North Woolwich police station for over 25 years. He is pictured here outside the shops in Pier Road. He was a very friendly and interesting man who got to know everybody in the area. Before he retired in the early 1990s he was awarded a gong, not an OBE but something similar.


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Re: P.C. Alan Godfrey - Nth Woolwich
« Reply #1 on: 28 August, 2009, 07:57:23 PM »
Hello kathy...yes I remember Alan
I was stationed at North woolwich for a short while 77/78.
Didnt know him very well but remember him as being very amiable,keen & efficient.Glad to hear he got a medal.
Rob Iggulden Pc 542"k"

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Re: P.C. Alan Godfrey - Nth Woolwich
« Reply #2 on: 23 July, 2012, 02:25:54 PM »
Yes, I well remember Alan, along with Reg Skipington and Derek Barber. My first recollection was when he used to patrol on a "noddy bike" (Velocette LE). I well remember, as a teen, helping him straighten the forks on said motorcycle after getting stuck in the railway lines in Silvertown. Alan was a nice guy - along with most others at Woolwich - with the possible exception of PC Les (nick-nick) Warne; he was a miserable bugger. Things were so different then. Yes, there was crime, but nowhere on the scale we have now, and the police were generally approachable and friendly - especially if they had been on their own patch for a while. I believe Alan wrote some books on local history. Where he is now - who knows. Bye Kathy.
Cheers, Les.

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Re: P.C. Alan Godfrey - Nth Woolwich
« Reply #3 on: 18 April, 2016, 03:29:31 PM »
I found this post while looking for something else. I knew Alan Godfrey in the early 1970s when I worked in Sivertown and he was the local PC. He would call in for a chat most days when he was on duty.

These chats ranged from local gossip, through to what birds (the feathered sort) were visiting the river and other interesting subjects. As Kathy says, he knew everyone. He said he wasn't interested in promotion, as he really enjoyed being a local PC and walking his beat. I don't recall him having a 'noddy bike', but maybe he got one later.

I do remember a funny incident: he arrived one day at lunchtime and we decided to have 'lunch' in the pub, (corner of Constance Street?). He removed his police jacket and borrowed a jacket from one of my colleagues so that he wouldn't appear to be on duty. When we returned to my workplace the jacket lending colleague was looking rather worried as he thought Alan might have found 'something' in the jacket pocket. I never asked what the 'something' was and anyway Alan hadn't found it. 
When I left my job in Silvertown, Alan gave me a leaving present of a Caithness Glass paperweight which I still use.