Author Topic: The Sugar Girls - new book about Tate & Lyle's female workers in Silvertown  (Read 29175 times)

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...and now free on Kindle...


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My book The Sugar Girls is coming out in March. It tells the stories of women who worked at Tate & Lyle's Thames and Plaistow Wharf refineries in Silvertown, from the Second World War onwards.  The book is based on interviews with over fifty women (and some men) about what it was like there in those days.  Some of the Newham Story forum users have been very helpful with the research - in particular Stan Dyson, with his incredible memory and photo collection. 

It would be great to know what you all make of the book when it comes out.  In the meantime, you can have a look at the official website - - which contains more information, extracts, pictures and audio clips, as well as a link to buy on (it's already available to pre-order at a discount).

Thanks again for all your help - and I hope you like the book!


Good news my nan, maiden name, Hitches, worked there :)