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The Truth: OPERATION:Dark of the Moon
« on: 02 January, 2010, 08:22:03 AM »
F.A.O. Kathy,

You wanted to know about OPERATION:Dark of the Moon

This is my international group for researching the personnel and clandestine operations of 148 Squadron, (Special Duties-S.O.E.), R.A.F.

Membership is by invitation only!

You must have a link, an interest in, or a family member who was active, with the squadron, (or the S.O.E), during the S.O.E years, 1943-1945.

It is NOT a 'chitchat site', we research for the S.O.E., and Squadron, history only.

I hope this silences the wagging tongues, we are historians, NOT "Moonshiners".

If you have read "Missing... Believed Killed", where do you think I got all of the info from? Actually, I got enough to start this group!

Sometimes, the truth is stranger than the fiction, go to:-

You will only get the title page, but it tells all.


Terry M