Author Topic: Searching for memories of the Blitz for new World War Two website  (Read 1191 times)

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Hello everyone

I work for a company called History Media. We are creating a new website which will cover the whole history of the Second World War. The website will be aimed at secondary and higher education establishments, as well as those with an interest in WWII. It will contain short documentary films with archive footage and interviews with leading experts on WWII. The website will also contain personal memories of the War.

For our research, I would very much like to make contact with people who lived in East London during the Blitz (specifically 1940-41). If there is anyone who was with one of the services (Fire, Medical or Civil Defence) I would really appreciate hearing from them. I would also very much like to make contact with anyone who remembers the bombing of the Docks (particularly 'Black Saturday', 7th September) and the bombing of Hallsville School in Canning Town. If you have any particularly strong memories of the Blitz, particularly of the shelters, of being bombed, of any particular acts of heroism and of the famous 'Blitz spirit', then I would be grateful if you could contact me.

Many thanks
Kate Rea
History Media LLP