Author Topic: the ascension church war time G.Is visit baxter road,  (Read 971 times)

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the ascension church war time G.Is visit baxter road,
« on: 01 December, 2012, 07:09:46 PM »
hi, to every one,
i can distinctly remember quite a large contingent, of american soldiers, visiting the ascension chuch,at the rear of the chuch  in baxter road, during or near to the end of the second world war,i dont know exactely what the visit was for, or even when this could have been, but most probabley and im guessing that they could have been part of the operation overlord, invasion into europe ( visiting  then prior to the invasion,)
i remember saying to one of them, have you got any gum chum,to which one these soldiers and true enough to their good spirit, and good nature, they gave myself and all the other children each a few of the babe ruth chewing gums,( these were long strips of pink chewing gum about an inch long, slightly scented,wrapped in tissue paper,) and they looked very very smart in their no.1 dress uniforms ,i distinctley remember seeing  the stars on their shoulder flashes, with the AI insignia, and they were very polite, and courteous, creating very good relations especially with the local community women,and children, they then used an after shave, and deoderants,  something which even then that i hadnt known or even heard about, which to me then, seemed very strange, (as english men didnt use these type of products  then, ) not that im aware of,
where as today its very common for men to use, these products