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Judiciary Photo!
« on: 04 January, 2012, 11:50:02 AM »
Taking a great interest in the Links on the site, I came across the photograph, titled "Judiciary"  In the photo it clearly shows, ALLEN'S Butchers Shop, in church street. I used to go to the shop, for Nanny Allotts daughter who's name was Lally! Lally married the son of Mr Allen, his name if I remember was Tony Allen. Sadly Tony died as a result of a road accident, in West Ham, about 1958. Next door to the butchers was a ladies dress shop. The pub on the corner, I remember used to have a off licence, and some nights a week they had a pub singer, I remember this as we would take our Guy!  in November outside there, it was a good spot, and people were generous after a good time, sometime, if we stayed out longer than the hour allowed, Dad would be out looking for us, he would say come on you toe rags, you will have your Mum after me! Mum had a evening job at Lesney's the toy factory, making those little match box toy's.
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