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West Ham Knights
« on: 16 July, 2011, 11:21:17 PM »
Can you think of any local lads who have received a knighthood. I am not  talking about your ‘landed gentry’ who have had business or political interests the area but ordinary people who were born and bred here and gone on to be achievers.

The reason that I ask, is that I have just read an article in the Newham Mag about a bloke from Custom House who was knighted in 2000 in recognition of his services to Local Government.

Sir Michael Lyons who was born and grew up in Cundy Road, and was educated at Stratford Grammar School. He worked as a part-time street trader whilst at university and then became a lecturer. He was as an economist in the public sector, served as an elected Labour councillor in Birmingham, then became Chief Executive of three local authorities t. He was also Chairman of the BBC Trust. He is currently the chairman of the government’s English Cities Fund which is responsible for the present regeneration of Rathbone Market.

Here is a link to the article  it’s on page 16.

If you know of any other local Knights, do let me know.