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"Bird's Eye Bertie"
« on: 27 May, 2010, 10:23:21 AM »

Smart Get-up Let Down "Bird's Eye Bertie"
LONDON, Mar. 11.

"Bird's Eye Bertie" is 16. But he has been boss of a gang of thieves whose haul totalled £10,000 in three months.

Scotland Yard was without clue to warehouse raids in the West Ham and Stratford areas of London until it became interested in a flashy youth who wore 40-guinea bird's eye suits, silk shirts, and six-guinea shoes, and who loved to be seen in Stratford Broadway in a shiny car.

The Yard assigned attractive Policewoman Harrison to shadow him. When she found where he lived, police raided the house. They found it full of stolen property.
Yesterday "Bird's Eye Bertie" (real name Eric Flower) appeared in the dock at the Old Bailey. He was sentenced to three years' imprisonment. His father was gaoled for two years for receiving stolen property. His brother was sent to Borstal for receiving two cars and other stolen goods. Five other men and women were also dealt with.

The Sunday Herald
Sunday 12 March 1950

"Bird's Eye Bertie" could still be around, no doubt with many an interesting tale to tell of life in West Ham.