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Walter Kendall
« on: 26 May, 2010, 03:46:51 PM »
The following is the biographical note for Walter Kendall in the catalogue of the International Institute of Social History:

"Born in East Ham, London 1926, died 2003; managing editor of Voice of the Unions early 1960s; cofounder of the Institute of Workers' Control 1968; fellow of the Centre for Contemporary European Studies at Sussex University when he published The Revolutionary Movement in Britain 1900-1921. The Origins of British Communism 1969; support in the mid '70s for the European 'Common Market' which was unusual within the Left spectrum; published The Labour Movement in Europe 1975; worked for many years on the mammoth and still unpublished 'The World Revolution, the Russian Revolution and the Communist International 1898-1935'. "

I didn't meet him until a few years befor he died. He was very pleasant but always very clear in arguing his point, and always based on solid evidence he had researched himself. He told me once that he had first encountered socialist ideas at an ILP meeting in Katherine Road.