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Title: 'Four Meals For Fourpence'
Post by: ALANF on 05 June, 2011, 11:38:03 AM
I have just finished reading the above book by Grace Foakes. She recalls her life from the early 1900's up to early married life, and moving to one of the new houses being built at Dagenham. Although the story is set in Wapping, she lived close to the River Thames, and most peoples lives revolved around this fact, much like that of people further East. She relates stories of childrens games, schooling(72 to a class), the streets, horse drawn transport, hospitals, workhouses and men waiting at dock gates for work. How common it was for children to die shortly after birth, and how people accepted this as 'one of those things.' For those who had no idea, this is how our Grandparents and Great Grandparents lived.
People of today who claim to be poor, should read this book and find out what being poor really means.