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Newham memories and nostalgia / Re: East Ham High Street
« on: 14 October, 2018, 06:15:31 PM »
Hi Ken I fail to see how  the square bashing and PT training slipped your mind as this was part of the proficiency tests for all National Service Men.
The five  mile march was part of this test and it consisted of double marching then jogging alternatively over a five mile course.There  was also the mile  run around the 440 yard track to be completed in ten minutes easier said than done. included was the 303 rifle .sten and bren gun.I was also told I was a marksman for getting ten rounds from a 303 in the bullseye from 30 yards at an  eight foot reprasentative target which was an eight inch target ( incidently which was stolen from foot locker within an hour of returning to barracks I can just hear them telling the story of how good a shot they were!!!!).
All these tests were retaken a year later whilst in Gibraltar all the running tests were done before 7 o clock in the morning the running tests were quite hard after a year of no PT. Regards Harry I

Newham memories and nostalgia / Re: East Ham High Street
« on: 12 October, 2018, 11:34:55 AM »
Hi Ken your story Re Blandford Camp took me back 65 years (was it really that long ago) wit the story of PT sessions I was wondering if when you did the dreaded 5 mile bash you took the same route that we took which half way through involved crossing a Ford in a small river and being stopped to mark  time in the middle until our boots were filled with water and when we continued all you heard  was the squelching from said boots.Regards Harry I

Newham memories and nostalgia / Re: East Ham High Street
« on: 09 October, 2018, 09:14:31 PM »
Hi All I remember the first fortnight at the start of National Service We seemed to be dressed in P T kit with what was called ammunition boots with mug knife fork and spoon and to top it off every where we went it was at a jog with said knife fork spoon and mug held in one hand behind our backs which made a clank clank  clank  sound as we jogged around the Barracks .
Other things that stuck in my mind was the five mile bash part jogging then double march!!. quite nackerring but not as nackerring as the next time this was done was a year later in Gibraltar after a year of no P T obviously not as fit as the firs time it was done.Regards Harry.I.

Newham memories and nostalgia / Re: East Ham High Street
« on: 09 October, 2018, 12:01:22 PM »
Hi Ken Demob suit??? when I finished my National service my demob suit was =battle dress blouse(jacket)trousers ,second best boots, beret, cap badge, tie, AB 64 part one, button stick, and boot brushes, the rest had to be packed and sent off to where I can,t remember. Regards Harry.I

Looking for a lost friend or relative / Re: Shipman Rd School
« on: 03 September, 2018, 12:49:05 PM »
Hi Ken another item to test your memory can you remember Mr White {science teacher}using an ex army cathode ray tube to make a small television albeit with a green screen. I had the task of cutting holes in the chassis using a tri panning tool I think this project was started by our last term before leaving school and finished by the next year in 1951.
I think that I have exhausted all my memories of Shipman Road School in what has become an ongoing chat between you and I as there seems to be a lacking of other souls who were at Shipman Road to add to these stories .
I think that I will now call it a day Re postings and will become a watcher instead of a poster and will keep an eye on the site anyway  .Regards  Harry.i

Looking for a lost friend or relative / Re: Shipman Rd School
« on: 01 September, 2018, 01:21:57 PM »
Hi Ken Those were the days when your body was changing and your brain was moving southward!!!
Regards Harry.I.

Looking for a lost friend or relative / Re: Shipman Rd School
« on: 31 August, 2018, 01:35:34 PM »
Hi Ken As far as Miss Tozer goes I feel its the old one track mind which never gets out of gear don,t matter how old and crotchety you get once seen never forgotten!!!. Regards Harry.I.

Looking for a lost friend or relative / Re: Shipman Rd School
« on: 30 August, 2018, 12:53:51 PM »
Hi Ken perhaps this might help with the old memory the Hive was to the left of the fire place and it had trunking made to go up the wall to an air brick into the boys toilet where the Bees had access to the Hive.
Can you remember at the end of the woodwork class having to stand by the bench and Mr Dines walking down the benches looking at the tool rack checking that every thing was in its place and the tool that was mostly missing and was suddenly found was the marking knife.
The best item I made was an Oak needle work box that had a Beeswax finish which when finished pleased my Nan no end and was put to good use for many years.
The first items we made in class were a Pot stand and a tea pot stand the pot stand was to use half lap joints and the tea pot stand was to use three pieces of timber glued together to make the top.
I had to buy the hinges and lock for the needlework box the Oak surprisingly was free!!.
Regards Harry.I.

Looking for a lost friend or relative / Re: Shipman Rd School
« on: 29 August, 2018, 01:56:54 PM »
Hi Ken I believe  you must have a blank in your memory bank because we were in the same class at that time and there was definitely a single cone Beehive built in the end of the woodwork room with an inlet built up to an airbrick for the Bees to enter the hive.  Some times Bees would come into the classroom through a window or door and Mr Dines would show us ,kind gentleman that he was, how to pick up a Bee from the back so that you would not get stung and I think that Roy Barnard was the only lad brave enough to try.
In the front of the hive was a small trap door to put the stray Bees back into the Hive.   Mr Peirce was the other woodwork teacher  I don,t think he was as good as Mr Dines !!.Regards Harry . I. { come on where are all the other posters?? do any of the watchers ever post??}

Looking for a lost friend or relative / Re: Shipman Rd School
« on: 28 August, 2018, 12:06:50 PM »
Hi Ken there we go again Mr Keene,s  nickname was Kipper because he always appeared to be dozing off during his R K lessons along with most of the class.
I later learned that the class that Mr White took science, was taken by Mr Dines who was our woodwork teacher.I take it that you remember the small Bee hive he built in the woodwork room with the glass front so that we could all see the Bees at work .
I believe that Mr dines was an expert on Apiary and wrote various articles on that subject.
Regards Harry.I.

Looking for a lost friend or relative / Re: Shipman Rd School
« on: 21 August, 2018, 10:48:02 AM »
Hi Ken I went Ashburton School straight from Rosetta Road school and was ensconced in one of the prefabricated classrooms in the corner by Freemasons road and Russel Road my teacher at that time was Mr Beswetherwick ( spelling could be wrong) stayed there for a couple of terms then there was the big shift to Shipman Road . Prior to moving from Rosetta I spent three months in Switzerland and the headmastewr one Mr Hart decided that I did,nt get any grading marks so on arrival I had for the firs t couple of days gradually working my way through the various grades according to my ability quite embarrising really moving quickly from class to class. Thinking back on it I should have mentioned all this to my fatherwho I am sure would have put a bee in Harts Ear [a good right hander no doupt!!! ].I know mr hart was a very vindictive person and would liked to have  met him when I was a little older and not the fragile little kid that I was at the time. Regards Harry.I.

Looking for a lost friend or relative / Re: Shipman Rd School
« on: 19 August, 2018, 12:17:39 PM »
Hi Ken Davos was a nickname his surname was Davey as you probably know most of us had nicknames!!mine was izzles ( Isles) a few others were Winkle Waite ,Prof Bavins ,Ginger Wynne ,Big Bill Tinton, Tubby Moakes ,   
Reginald Talbot Skinny,  Harry(Monty) Funnel.
Do em Dodds ,Choppem Chapple ,.On the subject of the River Roding where it ran round the back of Butterfields Factory it was a good source of drift wood that I suppose fell off of timber barges down stream both hardwood and softwood.
I got enough softwood to build an ten by six foot shed using a makeshift grappling hook to haul the timber from the River brought  up by the tide. Regards Harry .I.

Looking for a lost friend or relative / Re: Shipman Rd School
« on: 18 August, 2018, 01:11:01 PM »
Hi Ken Talking of old school mates the firm I worked for sold the works at Stratford and moved to Hertford road Barking.
The river Roding ran around the back of the new works and was tidal connected to the river Thames and it was not unusual to see Barges moving up and down the river.
One  day to my surprise I spotted an old school mate strolling through the works to get to Hertford Road as a way of going home.
The mates name was Davey who,s nick name at school was Davos it  turned out that he was a Lighterman and he was moving a barge loaded with logs for a veneer firm up river from Barking Creek.
Obviously the barge had to move with the tide and when the tide turned he tied barge up until the tide changed and he could continue moving the barge up river to its destination quite a task for one man !!!.

Regards Harry.I.

About the Forums / Re: Use It Or Lose It
« on: 07 August, 2018, 08:52:56 PM »
Hi Ken I believe that Essex Girl is a previous poster .I have noticed on this forum that by reading between the lines you can get a good idea where people live through their messages. Mick I think lives in the Weymouth area yourself Bournmouth Christchurch area me from Thundersley in Essex on the forums there have been posters from America(Limey) Bill Sharpe Florida postings from Australia.
Looking back on the old postings you can find which school people went to what they did for a living where they were born where they served in the services as you can see there is guite a lot of info on the forums.
Regards Harry .I

Wartime stories / Re: East End Bombing
« on: 05 August, 2018, 10:19:48 PM »
Hi Mick and Ken What I find hard to understand is on the civil defense map showing where the bombs etc that were dropped on West Ham what were the Gerries trying to hit bombs landed everywhere. The bombs that hit Hallsville School were they aimed at the glassworks which was a bigger target than the school???.
Incedently we were living in Scot Street which was just around the corner of Agate Street which was a short walk to Hallsville School.
Very sad story re the War Regards Harry I .

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