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Hi Stellagirl there was a lad working at Charles Butterfield in Barking Essex who's name was Alfred Comprini he used to talk about Gambadellas as though they were relatives of his.
I also knew twins who's surname was Torino cousins of Harry Dodds.
Perhaps this may be of help Regards Harry.I.

That's great, thanks Harry. I haven't seen a connection yet but it will be really useful to keep in mind! I really appreciate it!

What about the name Comprini,ring any bells.
Regards Harry I.

Hi Harry - it doesn't for me, so far. There's a lot of info on Italian families in Clerkenwell but not so much in Newham, as far as I'm aware. I'm sure it must have been a small, well-connected community though... Why do you ask? Do you know of a connection?
Many thanks

I have now confirmed that Marguerita's maiden name was Lombardi. I have asked that the grandchildren join the Forum and communicate direct themselves should they wish to know more or be of help.

Hi Linda

Thanks for this. I'm not sure who you've been talking to as I am one of her grandkids! All but one of her children have passed and there has been minimal detail passed on about the history. I'm trying to establish more detail about the Lombardi's arrival in England at the beginning of the twentieth century, and their connection to the Gambardellas and Webbs. I know they were from Rome and I was wondering if there was anyone out there who knew more, or remembered them.

Many thanks for your assistance

Hi Kevin

Thanks so much for your message. I think they sound like exactly the right family. If your son could ask, that would be great!

Thank you! :)

Hammonds is long gone. Maybe 20 years? It's replaced by a generic corner shop that takes up both the sweet shop bit and the butchers on the other side. I remember the sawdust on the floor!

The Lido was filled in years ago too....maybe longer....25 years?

The library is still going strong amazingly!


I'm researching some Italian families who lived in West Ham/ Stratford from about 1900 called Lombardi and also Gambadella.

I'm particularly interested in Enrico 'Harry' Lombardi who in 1911 lived on Abbey Lane with his family. He was a 'colour worker'.

His daughter Marguerite/ Margaret married George Brunt (Webb) in 1934 at Christ Church West Ham. Their marriage certificate says that they were both living on Gibbins Rd in Stratford.

His mother was Emily Maud Adams from Bow, who married Henry Brunt in 1903 in Dorset. Henry died in 1912. We haven't found Maud on the 1911 census but she turns up again in Stratford with a new family being born from 1913 - Frederick (1913), George (1914), Thomas (1915) and Herbert (1920). We believe that her partner was called William Webb but the new children all took her married surname. She had two children with Henry Brunt, called Archie and Ernest.

We understand that the Gambadella's had a shop in Stratford we think. Any information on them would be great too.

If anyone knew them, any information at all would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Tracing your family history / Re: Christ Church, West Ham
« on: 05 January, 2014, 02:26:58 AM »
Cooo!!!! That was our local church in the 1920s/30s. I joined The Cubs there about 1929 and well remember that our Cubmaster was a Mr Farthing, who, as a Churchwarden, always wore his long black gown. I remember him because he struck us as a true gentleman and leader we could respect.

Thanks for the pic links, Kathy, which brought back to me more happy memories. When I saw the the second pic I immediately thought, "61 and 63" and lapsed into further memories. Guess why? Simply because it shows overhead tramway wires on Stratford High Street, and those wires powered the 61 and 63 trams between Aldgate and Bakers Arms, and Aldgate and Ilford Broadway, respectively. i used those trams so often in those days but that is another story or more.

Hi Bert
I was just wondering if you happened to know any families by the names of Brunt or Lombardi who would have been at Christ Church around that time? George Brunt and Marguerite Lombardi were locals who married there in the early 30s and I'm researching them...
Thank you!

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