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Title: Computers
Post by: KenM on 05 August, 2018, 05:29:03 PM
Hi All, It would be interesting to know how we were introduced to computers. What type of equipment we have & use.
I have a desktop unit with Windows, an Acer monitor, together with a Benq scanner linked to a Epson Stylus PHOTO R265 inkjet printer.
It all started when I got myself a small digital camera & then discovered that I could download the photos to a computer & print them.
Wow! when it became known that I could do this my number of friends doubled.
 The results are better than the local shops, as with the correct programme they can be enhanced.
I am now told that I can achieve  all this with a Tablet or IPad, at the same time as freeing up a lot of space in the spare room.
But I will stick with what I know for a little while longer.
How I found out about this forum is lost in time.
I hope this topic will kickstart our forum.
Title: Re: Computers
Post by: MickG on 05 August, 2018, 06:36:16 PM
Hello Ken, I like you have a HP desktop computer with 2 terabyte of storage and a HP Officejet 4650 printer which enables me to scan, print in high quality. I also have a Samsung tablet too although I rarely use that. It was useful though when I spent a couple of days in hospital undergoing a knee replacement operation.

All this is a far cry from when I first started computing as a hobby in the 1970's. In those days it was a Commodore Pet which was expensive and only had 16 kilobyte of memory. That lack of memory did make one a good programmer though, especially in machine code. The internet did not exist when I started computing but when I got my first modem I was able to use the forerunner of the internet. That was accessed by dialling a number at the Open University which connected to the Cerne computer in France/Switzerland that enabled file exchange of files and a primitive bulletin board. That was expensive too as it all cost GPO telephone rates at the time, so online activity was necessarily brief. I had to learn DOS too.

Now with computers of all shapes and sizes with super speeds and almost limitless memory and storage. Computer equipment is cheap now compared with what it used to cost. There is no doubt that operating systems like Windows has enabled even the computer illiterate to communicate with others with ease. Although I am not a 'gamer' I know some of these online games can be stunning. However it's worth bearing in mind that computing is still very much in its infancy and who knows where it will be in another 100 years.
Title: Re: Computers
Post by: KenM on 06 August, 2018, 11:39:41 AM
Hi MickG, most of my friends have desktop computers, but laptops are becoming more in vogue judging by the coffee shops that I use.
Most days some  tables are occupied by laptop users with papers spread across, not allowing room for other customers, this practice seems the norm these days. Ok moan over.
The small independant computer shops seem to have shut shop, with the supermarkets lapping up the trade, trouble being they lack servicing facilities.
Inks & paper can be purchased on line at a considerable saving, making it economic to print your own photos.
Another thing that I save pennies on, is designing & printing personal birthday & Xmas cards, good fun too.