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street parties
« on: 17 May, 2016, 09:37:58 AM »
Hello Every one,

just as the war ended virtually every street had a party where by neighbours would put up tables, and  chairs supplied by many house holds and then the mums set the tables to accommodate all the children in that street , other streets did the same,  and soon it was filled up as everyone contributed .,things like sandwiches, trifles, jellies and home made cakes and so on and then we were all seated at the table and the mums waited on us as we ate, and filled our selves up , some men had managed to get my mothers old up right piano through the front room window, and out into the street, where as evening came after it had been well played it was replaced back through the window then all the window frames and sashes were replace,  and mum was happy having done her bit to liven up the party as she played a little too as did others .and of course the union jack flag and buntings small coloured triangular flags all in different colours added to the occasion,

Q; did you remember those times if so what were your memories,

many regards to you all.

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