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Newham memories and nostalgia / Re: Interests and skills
« Last post by biff on 16 November, 2017, 06:53:51 PM »
An interesting topic Mick.
As a young lad I and my mates used to get up to all sorts of things, some  perhaps best not mentioned. Unfortunately as I get older some of these are no longer possible and have been replaced by other interests. I have had a lifelong love of fishing which started when we used to go and catch dozens of small perch in Sandhills pond on Wanstead Flats and later  graduated to a better standard of fishing at Eagle Pond and Hollow Pond as well as the lakes in Wanstead Park. Like you I have always been interested in history, though more so 19th & 20th century than earlier, in particular local history where places and events seem more real than just Kings & Queens type history and this has led to an interest in genealogy. I also loved a game of football , in the street or anywhere else, and I have played, coached and been involved in football until about three years ago when I decided it was time to leave it to the youngsters. Building box carts and bikes from what we could scrounge gave me a familiarity in working with tools and materials which led to a working life in engineering from which I retired 18 months ago. In my time I have passed on what skills I had in all these matters to dozens if not hundreds of  apprentices, children and others and this has given me a great deal of satisfaction. I have my Nan and Grandad to thank for my love of cards and dominoes.  I spent many an hour watching them play crib and fascinated by the board and pegs then when I was old enough  to understand they taught me how to play.
Newham memories and nostalgia / Interests and skills
« Last post by MickG on 16 November, 2017, 05:05:28 PM »

From the day we are born we start to develop individual interests. Some interests develop later in life as we grow more knowledgeable, others may be the expansion of a natural talent, but collectively them make up who we are as individuals. Some interests may be physical as in sport, others may be more sedentary like reading, acquiring knowledge or stamp collecting. What ever our individual interests or hobbies are, it is possible to become so involved in them, that we acquire a degree of expertise in our own right. Some interests may develop from our field of work, or perhaps we are drawn to certain occupations simply because they are compatible with our interests rather than the amount we can earn.

Very often it is the environment we work or live in that either kindles or fosters individual interests. My own interests are varied starting with a thirst for knowledge since ever I can remember, through to youth work when I was younger although this has faded with age. History both national and local which probably developed more to the fore as I grew older Genealogy which in a way is a off-shoot of history. Computing and programming which started when I was about mid-twenties and well before things like the internet had been invented. It is also an interest that has thrust me to the fore employment wise in the fire service well after my actual fire-fighting days were over. A good understanding of science and physics is something else I also developed to a point that it does make one question and become sceptical of many of the scientific theories that are the current flavour like dark matter. The enjoyment of classical music is something I have also developed over the years.

When we take all of our individual skills and interests and merge them together we form communities. Sometimes like-minded communities with a single thought of purpose but more often, a with a much more diverse range of knowledge that we know who in our community to seek advice from when they posses more detailed knowledge on a subject than we may have ourselves. In many ways, public libraries used to cater for that need through technical manuals although the ease of access to information via the internet has become more dominant.

As most of us will have lived or worked, maybe both in Newham, it would be interesting to hear about others interests and how the environment of Newham has either honed or suppressed them.
Historical Newham / Re: East Ham "Broadway"
« Last post by ron copus on 09 November, 2017, 07:25:51 PM »
Lots of places were named the broadway,, but the name was never used,,
Like Stratfford broadway,, Which to my knowledge  was opposite the courts in west ham lane next to the picture house ..
Historical Newham / Re: East Ham "Broadway"
« Last post by linda co on 09 November, 2017, 03:46:15 PM »
I have got an old photo which is quite clear showing Hawkins with The Broadway written at the top. I don't know the year though. Unfortunately we still can't put photos on the Forum.
Ps I can't remember ever hearing anyone refer to East Ham Broadway.
Historical Newham / Re: East Ham "Broadway"
« Last post by MickG on 09 November, 2017, 12:39:57 PM »
I came across this picture on Facebook by chance. It is a view taken from East Ham Town Hall in 1965 look towards High Street North. Hawkins can be seen on the corner on the right of the picture.

It's rather tantalising as the angle of the shop front of Hawkins does not allow a direct view. I have however looked at this picture with a image magnifier and the words 'The Parade'  do not appear to be there. Although it would not be possible to read the words at this angle, given the letter size, I think a dark like would appear in the picture which it does not. The date of the picture with the name 'The Parade' was taken in 1972. If I am correct the words were not there in 1965 the they would have to appeared sometime in the next seven years.

Historical Newham / Re: East Ham "Broadway"
« Last post by DougT on 07 November, 2017, 09:57:17 PM »
I found a photo of the same area on The Memories of Manor Park and East Ham FB Group. Unfortunately the photo which was taken in the 1920s or 30s (Tramways are still visible) and shows the shop that was there before Hawkins is quite poor and you cannot see if the wording "The Broadway" appears at roof level. As Mick said it was quite common for shops to try to get major road junctions name after them like Evans at The Boleyn and there was also Culls Corner at the junction of High Street North and Gladstone Avenue.
Historical Newham / Re: East Ham "Broadway"
« Last post by Laramie on 07 November, 2017, 07:40:26 PM »
Never knew this as The Broadway.When we got on a bus from Greengate,we always said East Ham Town Hall,when asked for destination.
Remember Hawkins though
Historical Newham / Re: East Ham "Broadway"
« Last post by MickG on 07 November, 2017, 05:32:48 PM »
Doug, Until you mentioned it, I have never noticed this sign before. Google Street view  shows the sign is still there.

I have been searching so far without success, to see if there are any other old photographs showing this view. Hopefully if someone knows of such a picture it might help to date the origin off this sign a little. My best guess is it was placed there by the shop owners themselves in a bid to increase trade. There was a similar attempt at this sort of thing on the Green Street/Barking Road junction. A previous business called Evans had a large sign with the words' Evans Corner' written on it placed on a flank wall. It never caught on as a name, as everyone knows that junction as The Boleyn. The sign is still there though and can be seen by pasting the following link into your browser.,0.0379454,3a,43.8y,293.47h,109.37t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1snvz0ocleOkvkT5IhvSzIWw!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en

Historical Newham / East Ham "Broadway"
« Last post by DougT on 07 November, 2017, 08:52:40 AM »
On  a Local History Facebook group relating to the East End of London someone has posted a photo of the crossroads at the junction of High Street North/South and Barking Road under the title of East Ham Broadway. Above the former "Hawkins"/"Boys from Rathbone Street" shop unit just below roof level is the words "THE BROADWAY". We spoke about Stratford Broadway, Manor Park Broadway, Plaistow Broadway, Ilford Broadway and Barking Broadway but can anyone remember the Town Hall junction being referred to as East Ham Broadway?
About the Forums / Re: Greek style hyroglyphic posts from "New Members"
« Last post by MickG on 05 November, 2017, 08:14:24 PM »
I also report these posts to the admin but I think Carol is right about it being something of a back burner task for those in control. In relation to Burnsy's question of why the site is plagued with these posts, well in truth, it isn't. All websites that allow input from the public at large get these sorts of posts often in large quantities. I get them on my own website but software detects them as they are posted and places them in a special spam folder awaiting deletion. No one but the site administrator gets to see them.

Whether the particular software that runs this board can cope with such software I do not know as it is now starting to get a bit aged. I seem to recall a much earlier version of this site did have primitive spam protection software but it was so indiscriminate, many genuine posts were getting deleted. Posts that contained words like Essex or Middlesex were automatically deleted as the primitive anti-spam software identified he message as having something to do with sex. In the end people were typing messages with words like E*S*S*E*X* just to get around the problem. Modern anti-spam software is very sophisticated and does not suffer with that type of problem, but it usually also needs modern bulletin board software that allows it to interface with it.
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